Color House Graphics is a privately owned company that aims to provide its customers the best possible service and quality while providing long-term solutions to their most critical business issues. Our employees take great pride in satisfying our customers while looking for unique and innovative ways to improve the value we bring to our customers.

Our Mission

We conduct our business based on Christian values. For us, this means:

• Meeting our customers' needs and ensuring their satisfaction.
• Valuing our employees as individuals and co-workers.
• Empowering them to provide the best service possible.
• Providing quality products and services with rapid turnaround at a fair price.
• Operating a safe, clean and technologically advanced manufacturing operation.
• Participating in the production of materials that promote high moral and ethical values.

Our Vision

To be one of the best printing and book manufacturing companies by being:

• Our customers' first choice
• Our employees' first choice

We strive to do more than meet our customers' needs. We also strive to delight our customers by anticipating and exceeding their expectations through an innovative and creative workforce. We recognize employees as our most important asset and we focus on making Color House Graphics their first choice for employment.

Since our mission and vision are based on Christian values which are the foundation of our business philosophy, we use great care in determining the types of projects we will manufacture. We will especially take into account when it is determined that the nature of the content we are asked to reproduce might offend our employees, customers or members of our local community.